We Deliver to Your Requirement


We will meet with you and your staff to determine your current and future IT needs. Our experts will analyze all aspects of your business. What are your goals? What fears keep you up at night?


We will leverage our decades of experience and technical expertise to create a personalized plan that's right for you. These recommendations will improve the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of your technology.


We implement the improvements you've chosen quickly and with minimal disruption of your day-to-day operations then ensure that your network is operating at peak performance.


We continually monitor your equipment and network to keep it up and running at maximum efficiency. Our IT experts keep watch all day and stay up all night so you don't have to, recognizing and fixing issues before they ever have a chance to affect your business.

How it Works?

Pi Networks is a Microsoft Certified Partner, and we are committed to providing your business with care. Our service is formed around our unique and powerful process where we are constantly committed to Assess, Recommend, Stabilize and Maintain. This step-by-step process is your assurance that Pi Networks will always be able to deliver the correct and affordable solution for your technology needs. Our superior process means yo experience extraordinary results.

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Retail Realm Essentials™

Powered by Microsoft Dynamics

Retail Realm Essentials™ - is a retail management system for the small and medium business (SMB) that manages both store and head office functionalities. The solution is based on the Microsoft Dynamics AX platform that supports multiple businesses and geographies. The solution can scale up and become full Microsoft Dynamics AX as the organizational requirement becomes more sophisticated.

It’s time your security solutions started talking.

Sophos offers comprehensive network, web & content, application and email security while providing secure remote access and data leakage prevention.  Centralized management enables organizations to implement high levels of security with visibility across global location.

Sophos Central, our award-winning security platform, is an essential component to Synchronized Security. You need at least one Synchronized Security-enabled, Sophos Central-managed product

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Coastal Security and Surveillance


Our Observation Systems are proven for coastal surveillance and security from intruders by detecting swimmers, boats approaching your private islands and more. The systems provide a “Geo Fence” over the water as they automatically detect intruders from the sea before they reach the defined boundary and alert you in various ways.

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