Advances in digital behavior analytics are transforming how retailers sell online

COVID-19 accelerated the predominance of online sales. Just as e-commerce has moved to the forefront of retail, personalization has become its key feature. Customers need to feel, be seen, and heard in today's competition to earn loyalty and sales. Advances in digital behavior analytics enable retailers to deliver catered shopping journeys. By utilizing real-time analytics and AI, sellers can work to build trust as they learn the actionable insights of customer intent.

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COVID-19 accelerated the predominance of online sales. The result is an increased need to personalize the shopper experience—not reduce it. Real-time segmentation that factors things like location, gender, and age are still important, but what’s more important is understanding specific consumer intent.
AI-driven solutions unleash insights about individual interests, motivations, and potential conversions.

Instead of bombarding customers with information based on common characteristics, personalization using AI makes shoppers feel seen and heard.

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