Best Practices for AI Security Risk Management

Do you have a workable security process to protect your AI system? If not, you're playing with fire as attacks on AI systems are a growing concern. As an important step to empower organizations to reliably audit, track, and improve the security of AI systems, @Microsoft recently released their AI security risk assessment framework. Check out the blog, that contains a link to the @Microsoft Security AI Security Risk Assessment report, and contact a PiNetworks Pvt Ltd Microsoft AI security expert for a deeper dive. #BeFearless #MicrosoftSecurity #ThreatProtection

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This blog examines Microsoft’s latest efforts to tackle what it sees as a growing gap between the security and popularity of AI systems. Microsoft’s ML team recently published a framework that explains how organizations can gather information on their use of AI, analyze the current state of their security, and create ways of tracking progress. The blog also provides a link to that report.

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