Most Companies Can’t Handle Cybersecurity Alone

Fulfilling critical cybersecurity needs via outside specialists—aka the #CSaaS security model—can significantly reduce the risk of a cyberattack and save you money in the long run.

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The way to detect and neutralize determined cyber attackers is with 24/7 eyes-on-glass delivered by expert security operations professionals. These highly skilled operators have never been more critically urgent. Few organizations, however, have the right tools, people, infrastructure, and processes in-house to do this on their own. Global cybersecurity workforce shortages complicate the challenge, increasing risk and exposure to potential attacks for those without the necessary, on-demand resources. CSaaS is a security model where organizations leverage outside specialists to fulfill critical cybersecurity needs — such as around-the-clock threat monitoring. By outsourcing or augmenting IT teams to include managed cybersecurity services, organizations can more effectively mitigate attacks before they cause damage.

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