Banking & Fintech

Our partnership with GRGBanking and PAX Technology allows us to provide innovative and secure solutions for banking and finance. From automated teller machines (ATMs) and point-of-sale (POS) systems to mobile payments and contactless payments, our solutions are designed to help your business stay ahead in an ever-changing industry. With our expertise and industry-leading technology, we can help you deliver a seamless and secure banking experience to your customers.

We provide End-to-end solutions for your Business

From logistics to maintenance, we help streamline your banking and fintech operations.


We handle the logistics in bringing in the ATMs and other solutions plus warehousing


We carry out the required setups; setting currency templates, complete required certifications


Undertake the software development that is required for the deployment


We provide on-site maintenance and support services of ATM hardware, order required spare parts, installation services

Cash Automation with H22V Series

GRGBanking’s H22V series bulk cash dispensers inherit reliable performance & are optimized for deployers’ cost & enhanced self-service satisfaction.

Multi-function Cash Dispenser

Unmatched reliability and capacity

Experience maximum bulk cash and dispensing cassette capacity with 67% and 17% enlargement respectively, as compared to mainstream ATM models in the market. Benefit from reliable performance to ensure maximum machine uptime.

Cutting-edge & highly secure solution

Enhanced card security features, including comprehensive anti-skimming solutions, electromagnetic interference, and linkage alarm device. PCI compliant EPP provides advanced account security for users.

Effortless setup & maintenance

The H22V series is lighter and easier to deploy due to its special carbon fiber composite and optimized mechanism. Its modular design and various access methods significantly enhance maintenance efficiency.

Android SmartPOS by PAX Technology

All-in-one Android SmartPOS devices that enhance customer engagement and offer cost savings by replacing multiple products with a single device.

Unattended & Self-Service Solutions by PAX Technology

Self-service payment terminals and smart kiosks ensure unattended sales with a seamless customer experience and future-proof design.

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