Dynamics 365 Marketing

Elevate customer experiences

With Dynamics 365 Marketing, promising and productive partnerships can be built by fabricating such experience that results in enhancing marketing capabilities, sales opportunities and generating new leads.

Capabilities that make a difference

Transform your business with real-time customer journeys across the entire customer lifecycle.

End-to-end experience
Assisted by AI
Easy for business users
Real-time customer-led journeys

B2C and B2B marketing

Physical and digital channels

Dynamic, easy-to-use content editor

Experimentation and optimization

AI-recommended channels

Natural-language segments and journeys

Easily defined journey triggers

Engaging events with Microsoft Teams

Turning Prospects into Revenue via Marketing Automation Solution

Sustained Profitable Relationship

Intrigue your consumers by offering customized and personalized experience, running campaigns right away at multiple platforms and enhancing leads via LinkedIn integration.

Developing Seamless Partnership Sales and Marketing

Enhance and nurture lead generation by developing experience so seamless through dynamics 365 marketing automation, shared data and business processes connected to Dynamics 365 Sales.

Adaptable and Modernize Platform

Offer broadened and personified marketing capabilities by linking it with the services and apps being used such as built -in privacy features that help you conform with GDPR guidelines and regulations.

Apt Decision Making

Enjoy instantaneous scenarios by using Dynamics 365 marketing features to boost social engagement, focusing on priorities and taking client feedback for better understanding of their preferences.

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