Effortlessly Manage your Workforce with Mint HRM

The partnership between Pinetworks and Mint HRM provides customers with a unique advantage when it comes to their Human Resource management needs. By combining Pinetworks' expertise in HR management with Mint HRM's innovative HR solutions, customers are able to access a comprehensive suite of tools that help them streamline their HR processes, manage their workforce more effectively, and boost productivity.

Maximize your Human Resource operations

Mint HRM’s single platform connects employees regardless of time, place, or device choice for easy access to information and tools from anywhere.

Our Comprehensive HR Solution Modules

Multiple modules available to meet your human resource management needs.


We understand the stress and time-consuming nature of payroll processing, which is why we offer a fast and efficient solution that eliminates unnecessary work and allows you to stay relaxed. With our system's features, we can help you filter inputs to ensure accuracy, highlighting any possible mistakes during processing. With Mint HRM, you can have cost-effective, convenient, and accurate payroll management.


Mint HRM's admin module provides a flexible and customizable HR system that allows you to automate your HR processes, build and manage company hierarchy, create reporting structures, manage user permissions, set notifications, and create templates, all without the need for extensive development or coding.


With Mint HRM, you can create a realistic manpower plan, advertise job postings at the right place and time, attract the best pool of candidates, filter candidates efficiently, and conduct effective interviews to identify the right fit for your organization.

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