What is Maldives Tax Localization?

Pinetworks Pvt Ltd created Maldives Tax Localization to meet the specific needs of Maldives Inland Revenue Authority for GST, tax reporting, and classification based on tax activity numbers. We are a fully localled owned, IT and technological solutions prover with a team of experts, partnered with Microsoft having attained Gold status in Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Silver status in Cloud productivity, data analytics and small and midmarket cloud solutions.

Key Functionalities

Manage Tax Activity numbers for different activities.

Maintain GST setup and reporting as per MIRA standards.

Generate Output and Input Tax Statements.

Generate Monthly and Quarterly Tax Reporting.

Why use Maldives Tax Localization extension?

The Maldives Tax Localisation extension enables businesses operating in the Maldives to disaggregate financials at the tax activity-level, generate mandatory tax reports, and assign tax activity numbers to individual tax entries for Output and Input Tax reports as required by MIRA.

Save time in preparing meticulous tax reports

Reports are automatically generated and maintained based on the specifications defined by the users.

Calculate and post automatically

Allows users to auto-calculate the tax payable amounts via the system and is not prone to calculation errors.

Avoid data
input errors

The extension utilizes the information that are already entered into the system during the sales/purchase process.

Ensure timely reporting and tax filing

Tax reports are readily available as they are computer-generated and does not require manual intervention in deriving the reports.

Effortless Setup with assisted Guide

Setup process for the Business Central Extension is easy and straightforward with the help of an assisted guide. Users can quickly set up the Maldives Tax Localization extension without any hassle, allowing them to start utilizing its features for their business needs.

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Streamline your setup process with our user guide for the Maldives Tax Localization extension on the Business Central platform.

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