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Revolutionize Your Network Monitoring with Paessler PRTG

As an authorized reseller for Paessler PRTG, we offer a powerful network monitoring solution that provides real-time monitoring, comprehensive reporting, and advanced features for optimizing network performance. Whether you're a small business or a large enterprise, Paessler PRTG can revolutionize your network monitoring.

Why PRTG Network Monitor is the perfect fit for your monitoring needs

Full System Administrator Control

Run PRTG Network Monitor directly on your IT infrastructure for complete control over configuration, data, and maintenance.

All-in-one Monitoring Software

Monitor all your systems and devices with ease using preconfigured templates, customizable alerts, and comprehensive reporting.

User-friendly Monitoring Tool

Effortlessly install, set up, and use PRTG Network Monitor with no time-consuming configuration, regardless of your level of expertise.

Monitor the IT infrastructure in your industry

PRTG Network Monitor caters to the specific requirements and challenges of various sectors.


Centralized monitoring ensures seamless collaboration between classic and healthcare IT in modern hospitals for available patient data.


CrowdStrike Falcon® delivers hyper-accurate detections, automated protection and elite threat hunting through a single lightweight-agent architecture.


IT/OT convergence and digitization highlight the need for a unified overview of the entire infrastructure for effective production floor management


PRTG Network Monitor ensures reliable IT infrastructure performance and availability for educational institutions.


Financial IT systems require stability, security, and availability due to the massive digitalization in the sector.


Monitoring is essential for effective e-government with multiple stakeholders and legal frameworks to consider.

Customized Dashboard

PRTG allows users to quickly create customizable HTML maps via drag & drop, bringing together classic and medical IT into a single view. These maps can be configured to display malfunctions, interferences, or outages and immediately alert the relevant parties in hospitals for prompt resolution.

Monitor Multiple Sites

PRTG offers a convenient solution for monitoring multiple hospital sites with a single installation/license through its free remote probes feature. Additionally, the REST Custom Sensor allows administrators to integrate various devices with REST API, including temperature sensors, security systems, and more, into PRTG for streamlined monitoring.

Multi-level Security

PRTG offers three levels of security monitoring: conventional security tool monitoring, detection of unusual activity, and monitoring of physical security devices. This allows you to ensure that your infrastructure is protected from potential attacks and to detect any unusual activity.

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