Retail Realm Essentials

Odoo CMS - a big picture

Microsoft Dynamics AX for Retail Enterprise is a comprehensive business software solution designed for global enterprises, fully supporting their retail-specific and operational business processes, as well as providing comprehensive, core ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) functionality for financial management.

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Market Segments

Retail Realm Essentials™ - is a solution that is highly configurable and customizable and is well suited for a variety of retail segments. It is well suited but not restricted to the retail segments below

  • Appliances

  • Book Stores

  • Convenience Stores

  • Craft Stores

  • Cycle Stores

  • Gift Stores

  • Hard Goods

  • Jewelry Store

  • Liquor Stores

  • Music Store

  • DIY Stores

  • Electronics

  • Fashion

  • Furniture Stores

  • Garden Center

  • Pet Stores

  • Pharmacy

  • Tasting Rooms

  • Sporting Goods

  • Supermarkets

Merchandising and Product Maintenance

  • Category Hierarchy Define unlimited categories to any depth e.g. Categories, sub-categories, sub-sub categories etc.

  • Category defaults Set defaults for new items added to the category saving valuable time when setting up products

  • Supplementary Categories Items may belong to any number of supplementary categories. Ideal for tracking brand, season, clearance products and grouping products.

  • Serialized Items Track serial items and other dimensions such as batch. Ideal for electronics industry

  • Kit items Group products into packaged kits, build and de-construct and account for inventory. Allows pricing to be customized and kits broken if needed.

  • Released products Setup items in advance and release them ready for use when product creation is complete

  • Product attributes Unlimited product attributes tracking additional product data

  • Powerful descriptions Track Product name, search name, long description etc.

  • Info Codes at the POS Interactive reason codes to trigger events based upon user input

  • Assortments Concept of Assortments to group products logically to establish what is sold where when

  • Item cost  Apply item cost by a range of methods including last cost, weighted average, FIFO, etc. RE allows different items to use different cost models

Multi-store Centralized Management

  • Organization Hierarchy Ability to define and layout how your organization is structured.

  • Site, warehouse and store managementDefine your retail stores and their parameters.


  • Trade agreements Setup trade agreements, - for different customers or customer groups

  • Sale and discount pricing  Place products on sale

  • Quantity discounts Standard pricing table based upon different quantity breaks

  • Price adjustments and price groups Make adjustments to standard pricing and group products into different price groups 

  • Promotional pricing Buy 1 Get 1 for Free etc.

Inventory Management

  • Purchasing ordering Generate purchase orders centrally to be received at a warehouse or store

  • Generate PO Generate a PO from a sales order

  • Purchase trade agreements Setup and manage trade agreements with your vendors

  • Concept of “cases” Create cases to bundle frequently used ordered items from your vendors

  • Transfers Explore transfer orders

  • Fulfillment Execute Cross-docking or “Buyers push” and setup replenishment rules.

  • Print labels for item receipts                                                                        

  • Stock take Initiate stock counting from HQ and carry out at store using the POS as an input device

  • View inventory  View on-hand inventory across all stores

Customer Management

  • Customer segmentation Logically segment customers based upon geography using the powerful address-book functionality

  • Customer grouping  Neatly organize customers into groups to separate them, e.g. Wholesale customers, Retail customers, and employees and so   on 

Loyalty and Gift Cards

  • Setup different loyalty points schemes Setup different points schemes (tiers) to apply to different schemes

  • Manage different loyalty schemes                                                          

  • Apply pricing and discounts based upon loyalty Use loyalty schemes to trigger special pricing

  • Apply rules for redemption Powerful rules may be setup to control how points are redeemed, e.g. control the products or categories that are allowed to be redeemed.

  • Loyalty card separate concept to customer  Optionally allows a loyalty card to be issued and used immediately and later attached to a customer record when ready

  • Global Gift Card Gift cards work across all stores out of the box

Employee Management

  • Workers Centrally setup and maintain employees

  • Permissions  Control permissions using templates pre-setup and override if needed

  • Store allocation Control which workers work at which stores