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SentinelOne's solution provides next-generation endpoint security that is powered by machine learning and artificial intelligence. It can quickly detect and respond to threats, including malware, ransomware, and zero-day attacks. With its autonomous capabilities, SentinelOne reduces the burden on IT teams and provides comprehensive protection for all endpoints across your business.

Why SentinelOne?

Native & Open XDR

Consolidate SentinelOne endpoint, cloud, and identity data with third-party security data to create a unified platform.

Real-time Resolution

Go beyond just detecting malicious activity. Utilize cross-platform, large-scale data analysis to autonomously prevent and resolve advanced attacks with machine speed.

Patented Storyline

Automatically connect and correlate benign and malicious events in a single, illustrative view to provide analysts with the necessary context faster. Empower your analysts with this capability.

Singularity XDR Platform

Singularity XDR offers autonomous protection with superior visibility, proven defense, and rapid response beyond the endpoint.


The Storyline technology, which is patented, has the ability to track, monitor, and contextualize all event data that is generated from endpoints and cloud workloads. This allows it to reconstruct attacks in real time, identify related events without overwhelming analysts with alerts, and provide useful insights to analysts at any level of experience.

Singularity Cloud

Singularity Cloud offers robust prevention, detection, and response capabilities for cloud workloads such as servers, virtual machines (VMs), and Kubernetes (K8s), ensuring continuous protection 24/7 with minimal risk of disruption or downtime. This is made possible through our innovative agent architecture that allows for detailed visibility, efficient response, and thorough threat hunting while consuming less CPU and memory resources.

Ranger AD

Ranger AD is a tool that constantly detects and highlights significant security vulnerabilities present at the domain, computer, and user levels in both Active Directory and Azure AD. It goes a step further by actively monitoring for potential active attacks. Should any risks be identified, it provides clear remediation guidance for easy action to be taken.

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